Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Outstanding Portfolios/Elements of Style

The journalist I'm writing about is Drew Tewksbury. He has worked for Taschen Publishing, People Magazine in London, Flaunt Magazine, L.A. Alternative, and National Public Radio. I think Drew Tewksbury carries the same thing that Jared Silfies. He probably carries a camera, a laptop, notepad, pencils or pens, USB cables, a thumb drive and maybe a Elements of Style book. The link for his website is

I think the Elements of Style's book says that Jared Silfies probably wouldn't be considered as a real journalist or one that would be taken seriously. Jared Silfies uses a lot of technology and gadgets for his article or work. The book just mainly talks about usage, composition and form. It doesn't talk about integrating technology and journalism, but maybe an updated version of the book would.

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J. Silfies said...


I appreciate you mentioning me. That post is extremely popular! Unfortunately I don't see a link to where you got my name or what I carry. I don't see a link to my name so I would have found your post earlier and commented quicker.

While your opinion is valid, I have to respectfully disagree. I am a serious journalist.

My copy of "The Elements of Style" shows I have not forgotten the mainstay of journalism — the written word.

Blogging, photo captions, video scripts and voiceovers, Flash graphic notes and the old-fashioned written article all require a mastery of English grammar. Making grammar and usage mistakes undermines credibility. I won't forget that fact.

I understand this probably sounds confrontational, however if you were to track back to my post you would see a site with a blog dedicated to converging news rooms and changing media attitudes toward the Web and Web publishing.

All of these concepts require solid writing skills. The fact that you did not dig for this information and made an assumption about me and my attitudes toward journalism shows me this post was not handled responsibly or seriously.

Keep in mind this book is part of a kit that I carry every day. I won't carry my larger books like "Flash Journalism," "Convergent Journalism," "Journalism 2.0" and "CSS Web Site Design" on a regular basis or I'd have no room for my laptop or other reporting tools.

Thank you for mentioning the importance of carrying this little book. Information is, in fact, the groundwork for the future of journalism.