Monday, April 13, 2009

Riding around with a Parking Representative

For the slideshow story, I want to maybe ride around with the people who distribute parking tickets. You've seen them in those tiny, tiny, little cars driving down Cross Campus, or maybe in the garage checking to see if parking permits are hanging in vehicles' windshield and, if not, writing out tickets.

Im in the process of setting up a time with a PSA (Parking Services Associate) in order to complete this project. Hopefully, I can get some pictures of the associate writing out tickets and also driving around the different garages. I dont know if it would be a good idea to interview the associate to while they're driving, but that way I could get natural sound. Either way, Im actually excited to do this story.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last night I was watching, UNTAMED AND UNCUT, on THE ANIMAL PLANET. I'm not to sure if the vidoes on this show was edited, but it was very interesting. I mean how many times have you caught on tape a woman getting attacked by a polar bear at the zoo or two giraffes battling (necking as they call it in the animal wold) each other while on a safari. There's a lot of natural sound going on, but these people didn't edit their videos.

Go to to watch a woman get attacked by the polar bear at the zoo.