Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A "Cold" Hearted Mother

The Inverted Pyramid style of writing includes the lead at the beginning and details are arranged from most important to least important. This style of writing shouldn't include suspense or leave the writer confused.

The story I found was located on the front page of the Baltimore Sun,,0,5824525.story?page=1. A Calvert County woman came forward about having two of her adopted daughters remains in the freezer. She was accused of abusing her own 7-yr.-old daughter, who was found walking in the street bare-foot Friday night. Police said the girl showed signs of neglect and abuse and are unable to identify the remains of the two girls, who were 9 and 11 yrs. old, until autopsies are performed. The mother was ordered held without bond earlier this morning. The lead in this article says, "LUSBY - A Calvert County woman accused of abusing one of her three daughters was ordered held without bond this morning after police investigating the case found human remains in the woman's basement freezer, authorities said." It gives the 5W's and 1H and it's straightforward. The most important details are stated in this first sentence. The second sentence gives the name of the mother, her age and states that one of the daughters was found walking around. Then the next two paragraphs goes on to tell what the police said and found. Later on in the article it describes the mothers background and also gives quotes from neighbors.

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