Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Concise Headlines

The first headline I chose was Charnay's. Her headline about the University system was concise, and straight to the point. "Struggling economy impacts the UMS's decision to freeze hiring affecting all faculty and unfilled positions" It tells the who, the what and the where. She also gives a link to where you can read the whole story. Her headline makes you want to read the rest of the story. Check out Charnay at

The other headline comes from Brian Wright. I loved his first headline which read,"Spidertown?" Tigers lose, 45-14 to Richmond." It makes you want to no more. It makes you stop and think.....spidertown in tigertown!? Huh!? The next one says, "Towson fumbles a victory in a turnover battle allowing Richmond to take advantage of Tigers miscalculated plays." The word "battle" lets you know that it was a tough game and "misculated" means that the Tiger's definetly have work to do. These adjectives were very good and he also used the 5 W's. You can read more about Brian at

The last headline that I liked came from Gillian Grandison. She talked about Towson's new recycling program. "Towson goes Green with Recycall; a recycling program that offers single stream recycling to students." It gives the 5 W's and it also lets the audience know wha Recycall is. You can look at Gillian's other news headlines at

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