Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Inside the Press

Towson Falls to Richmond, was the name of the article found in this past Sunday's Baltimore Sun. Towson University's football team lost to Richmond, the defending CAA champions, on Sunday, Sept. 13th. I think this article is original reporting because of this quote: "It all came down to turnovers," Towson coach Gordy Combs said. "We kept turning the ball over on their side of the field. You can't beat a quality team like Richmond making those kinds of mistakes." Also to give this type of deatil about the football game, I think the reporter had to be there, because the details are so vivid and they paint a picture in your head. Here's an example the reporter used in the article: "The Spiders, ranked No.4 in the Football Championship Subdivision poll, opened a 7-0 lead by converting Derek Hatcher's midfield interception into an 11-play drive that ended with John Crone's 3-yard touchdown run. The Spiders' second touchdown, at 3:43 of the first quarter, came after Nicholas Battle blocked a punt by Bill Shears, setting up Richmond at the Tigers' 23-yard line." To read more about Towson's upsetting lost, you can read the article here:,0,2943719.story
Press Release

On Sept. 13th, 2008, the Baltimore Sun featured an article about Walgreen Co. making an offer on Sept. 7th, 2008, to buy Long Drug Stores for $.28 billion, hoping that CVS would back down from their offer. Walgreen CEO, Jeffrey Rein, wrote a letter to Long's board of directors saying that he preferred to negotiate with Long's, but was also prepared to take the offer to the company's shareholders directly. In a press release, Walgreen had expressed interest in gaining Long's earlier for $70 a share, but never received materials for the company. No further information has been released about the Walgreen buying Long's. You can view the full article here:,0,1146767.storyI think this article is a press release because the article says that Walgreen disclosed information in a press release and nobody was interviewed for this article.

Original Reporting

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