Saturday, February 28, 2009

Towson Expanding!? Oh, No!

I found an article in the Towerlight about Towson being one of the "growth campuses" among other Maryland institutions. It's not really related to my topic, but it affects current commuters and incoming commuters directly.

Towson already has a huge affect on the surrounding neighborhood. It's just too small of a campus to hold such a large student body. House Bill 693 "applies to institutions designated as growth campuses for the University System of Maryland that have student bodies larger than 14,000. Towson University is the only school that the bill would impact." Advocates of the bill are qucik to speak out about how negatively Towson students have affected the surrounding communities and OVERFLOW PARKING WOULD LEAD TO NEIGHBORHOOD PERMIT REQUIREMENTS.

I don't understand why Towson wants to grow. For the MONEY maybe. They are trying to add 600 more beds to West Village. Towson should try to re-build their reputation with the neighborhood before they do anything and maybe ADD MORE GARAGES FIRST!


BEW22 said...

Hey Amber, I liked your story you featured on your beat blog about parking. I agree with you that with expansion comes the need for more parking spaces to accommodate commuters. Towson strives to be the best institution in Maryland, but you can't quite accomplish that goal unless your students are comfortable and well acclaimated.

Anomaly said...

I like how you used different colors and capitalized some words and sentences. It made it look very interesting.

Ambular2G said...

I totally agree with you on this one! TU should make what we have great before the administration moves forward with any expansion plans! On another note, TU needs more than 600 beds if they want to help students out.

jatwater said...

Good job summarizing and then expressing your opinion. What other links could you include?