Monday, February 9, 2009

To Commute or Not To Commute

We all know that commuting is a BIG PAIN and it doesnt appear that the commuting problem is getting better. There are now "Pay-To-Park" meters all along Cross Campus Drive. Why should you "Pay-To-Park" when you already paid $275 for a parking permit!? Most commuters dont complain because they know there is no way to fix the commuting and parking problem at Towosn.

I found a letter to the editor in The Towerlight about a commuter's frustration with Towson's parking. Here's an excerpt from the letter: "On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my first class begins at 12:30 p.m. I usually wake up at around 10 a.m., get ready and leave at around 10:30. It takes about 10 mins. to get to any of the parking garages from my Timonium. Today I spent almost half an hour in each of the garages hoping to get lucky; nothing. I remember that Lot 24 is right next to the Glen Garage so I decided to give that a try.....I park and go grab a quick lunch and head off to class. After my classes I return to find a ticket on my car....I obviously wasn't taking up anyone's space, so why do I have to pay $75 for desparately trying to get to class on time?"

I definitely agree with this person's complaint. Last semester I had an 11 a.m. and I didn't even try to look for parking spaces in any of the garages. Instead, I just drove on over to the Towson Center. I refused to waste time or gas. I dont see why there is a problem with students parking in Faculty and Staff lots. There are OBVIOUSLY MORE STUDENTS THAN FACULTY so what's the big deal? If you are a commuter and feel the same way as this commuter did then you can go to and sign the online petition. You can read this and more letters from frustrated commuters at


BEW22 said...

Hey Amber,
I really enjoyed reading your blog post and feel you picked a great topic considering that its a HUGE deal on Towson's campus. I liked the quote that you found from the Towson student and believe she gives an inside look to what a daily commute is like at Towson. Great Job!

Rozalyn said...

I like the topic that you discussed in your blog. Every commuter on campus can relate.