Friday, March 6, 2009

From News to Broadcast

I found my first summary lead article in The Baltimore Sun, called Md. tracks on auction block. The lead says: Magna Entertainment Corp., the troubled owner of Maryland's thoroughbred tracks, filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday and essentially put all of its racetracks up for sale, including Laurel Park and Pimlico Race Course, home of the Preakness Stakes.

In order to make it a broadcast lead I would change it to this: Magna Entertinament Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday and plans to sell al of its racetracks, including, Pimlico Race Course.


The article, Obama Expected to Reverse Limits on Stem Cells, found in The New York Times, says: President Obama is expected to announce on Monday that he is reversing Bush administration limits on federal financing for embryonic stem-cell research, White House officials said on Friday.

I think a broadcast lead my say: White House officials said, President Obama will announce Monday that he's reversing the currnet limits on financing for embyonic stem-cell research.


I found my last article in The Washington Post, called U.S. Unemployment Rate Jumps to 8.1 Percent. The lead says: The nation's unemployment rate climbed above 8 percent last month and the economy shed 651,000 jobs, new data show, further evidence of the deepening recession that has devastated the stock market and home prices and triggered the largest government recovery effort since the Great Depression.

I think this one is a little harder, but I think it should say: The nation's unemployment rate reached 8 percent last month and the economy lost 651,000 jobs. You can put the rest of the sentence into the next sentence.

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