Monday, November 3, 2008

Field Trip

One of many paths located in The Glen Woods at Towson University

Two Towson sophomores, Charnay Anderson and Brian Wright, walk down the steps leading to The Glen Woods behind Smith Hall

The Towson Tiger stands in front of Stephens hall, which is considered to be the old part of Towson U's. campus

This class assignment was really fun and I learned a lot about taking pictures. It's not very easy to get good shots, there is a lot of work involved. First, you must find the light whenever you're taking a photograph of a person or a particular thing, like the Towson Tiger. You can do this by using your hand to find where the best light is. Also, you should remember the rule of thirds where you frame your subjects to the side instead of in the center of your viewfinder. You should also do visual cropping before you take the picture. You should eliminate off unimportant things by moving closer, zooming in or taking the picture from a different angle.

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